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New World Theatre Club

The NWTC in Luxembourg has been successfully staging plays in English for 40 years. From comedy to dramas, Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams, NWTC welcomes amateur actors, directors and production crew of all nationalities. New production ideas are encouraged, and volunteers are always needed, regardless of experience.

NWTC provides its members valuable links to other theatrical events, openings, and related workshops. To become a member please fill out a
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Oh What a Lovely War

A NWTC Production of the original version by Joan Littlewood

in English


Oh Poster


at Mierscher Kulturhaus, 53, rue G.-D. Charlotte, L-7520 Mersch -

Fr    14.11.14 / 20:00    

Sa   15.11.14 / 20:00

Su   16.11.14 / 17:00                                                                                                  

We  19.11.14 / 20:00

Th   20.11.14 / 14:00

Fr    21.11.14 / 20:00

Sa   22.11.14 / 20:00


Tickets:            EUR 19 - EUR 17 (members) - EUR   8  (students)       


Reservations:    tel (+352) 35 63 39 or tickets(at)nwtc(dot)lu (free seating)


Is it relevant in 21st century Luxembourg to stage a 50-year-old piece of theatre played in a style that contemporary audiences are not familiar with about a war that began a hundred years ago?


When Joan Littlewood’s Theatre Workshop first performed this play the Cuban Missile Crisis had just occurred. John F. Kennedy’s assassination and the escalation of the Vietnam War were half a year away. We know that ‘The War to End all Wars’ did nothing of the kind. Looking around today, there is trouble in the Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa not to mention the decade of war in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. It has been argued that all of these conflicts are traceable back to lines drawn on maps at the end of WWI.


The ‘Music Hall’ is a consciously theatrical and unnaturalistic form of popular entertainment that was commonplace during the period, containing elements of the absurd. How better to comment on a reality that was too strange to comprehend? The story is told through songs and documents of the time. It is critical of the conduct of the war, as well as geopolitical and economic pursuits leading to the unconscionable loss of lives, while honouring the sacrifices of the victims. Humorously, yet poignantly, it explores and exposes the differences in perception of the war between civilians at home and soldiers on the front lines and how the media of the time helped create this disparity of opinion. Relevant? You bet!


Winner of the Grand Prix of the Theatre de Nations festival in Paris, 1963, ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ has become a classic of modern theatre.


The New World Theatre Club has been staging quality dramatic productions in English in Luxembourg for over 40 years and is proud to bring this challenging, moving and locally relevant play to Luxembourg audiences for the first time.   


Directed by Julie Fraser

Co-produced with Mierscher Kulturhaus



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Our Friends' Shows


LEAPA (Luxembourg European Association of Performing Arts)

LEAPA Event in October is Play reading

Dear friends and colleagues,

Come and join us on Wednesday, 15 October 2014 in the Cercle Culturel (in the JMO basement) at 18:45. Directions will be provided from the main JMO entrance if you don't know yet where this is hidden.

We have selected a few short plays for you. You are welcome to join us whether you wish to read out loud, or just sit and enjoy the others performing.

Please let us know by Monday 13 October (email: leapa(dot)luxembourg(at)gmail(dot)com) if you are planning to attend.

Entrance fee:

  • Members: free
  • Non-members: 3 euros

Wine, water and modest snacks will be available.

On November 5th we will be back in the JMO again, this time to look at poetry, prose and music relating to war, peace, sacrifice …. It is 100 years since the beginning of World War I, so choose your favourite poem or letter or story or song and share it with us. You can propose something to be read by someone else or read it yourself. Or just come along and listen. Put the date in your diary.

Looking forward to seeing you!

LEAPA committee

Angela, Athena, Chris, Rose, Tadeja

PS: If you want to know more about our activities, or even better, become a member, please let us know on leapa(dot)luxembourg(at)gmail(dot)com.





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